How to get Crates and What to Expect from them in PUBG?

Improving the chances of winning, look and armour of a character, and what weapons one has are some of the major concerns of a player in PUBG.

Players continuously seek new ways of improving the objectives mentioned above, and crates are the go-to solution for it.

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A majority of crates come with cosmetics, i.e., apparel and accessories to make your character look dashing or appealing (depending on the gender). Other crates have an array of assault rifles, SMGs, snipers, and many more. Also, pubg hacks are finally here, this will allow you to beat the game at the highest capability. privatecheatz will help you guide your way.

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This successive price increase helps the maintain singularity of items in the game. Further, a player can only buy up to 6 crates in a week.

Crates at a Glance

All crates come with several items; however, players will only get a limited number of them. The 3 purchasable crates currently available in the game include:

1. Aviator Crate

The Aviator Crate, as its name suggests contains all items related to aviation. The rarest item in this crate, Fringed Hotpants, comes with an availability of just 0.16%.
The most popular items in this crate include:

• Suede Aviator Cap
• Paddy Cap
• Snake Skin Sneakers
• Tactical Gloves
• Countryside Sneakers

Other rare items include Desert Shemagh, Violent Violet Jacket, and Leather "Skyrocket" Jacket.

2. Desperado Crate

The most popular items in this crate include Sleeveless Turtleneck (Gray), Striped Tank-top, Leather Boots (Black), Wide Pants (Red), Sleeveless Turtleneck (Black), and Punk Knuckle Gloves (Black). The rarest item in this crate is the Cloth Mask (Leopard).

3. Fever Crate

The Fever Crate comes with several cosmetics items inspired from the 70s and 80s. The rarest item in this crate is Zest Checkered Skirt, Zest Denim Jacket, Cropped Corset, and Zest Retro Jacket. On the other hand, the most popular items include Zest Turtleneck (White) and School Shoes (Beige).

With ample BPs, one can purchase these crates and give their character a makeover. A Player Unknown Battlegrounds ESP     can further increase their chances of earning BPs considerably.

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